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Simple Pleasures Handmade soap is a Canadian company located in sunny Medicine Hat, Alberta. All of the soaps that you find here are made in small batches. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for the properties they bring to the final product. Glycerin, a natural by product of the handmade soap making process, remains in the soap, allowing for a gentle and moisturizing cleansing experience.

My soap making method of choice is the cold process method. Basically that means that no heat was added to the soap making process. As the lye solution is added to the oils a chemical reaction takes place, and the mixture it transformed into soap and glycerin. And then the fun really begins! Colourants, scents and other additives are the embellishments to hand-held pieces of art, and yes, on occasion when glitz and glamour are screaming for attention, even the cosmetic grade glitter makes it's appearance.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my shop. You can also follow some of my soap making adventures by clicking over to my blog.






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